If Blood Sugar Levels Drop Too Low, A Potentially Fatal Condition Called Low Blood Sugar Develops. Symptoms May Include Tiredness Impaired Mental Functioning, Shaking, Twitching, Weakness in Arm and Leg Muscles; Pale Complexion; Sweating.



Maintaining a healthy weight is key for overall health. If you are not maintaining your health then your blood sugar level is not in control and you are not able to stay fit. Many studies have shown being overweight has been linked to hypertension and diabetes. You have to do exercise in regular time. There is no one-size-fits-all weight for every person. However, for many people having a body mass index ( BMI ) below 25 is considered within the normal weight range. There are Ayurvedic ways to reduce weight such as weight loss capsule.


It’s very important to make a diet first and then follow your diet when you are going to eat, drink and sleep. It’s important to make the right eating choices to minimize the risk of high blood sugar. The straightest way to impact blood sugar levels is through a healthy diet. If you are not taking a healthy diet then how would you maintain your blood sugar level. Blood sugar or blood glucose is directly affected by the foods that we eat; carbohydrates are readily converted into glucose, entering the flow and becoming blood sugar.


The body converts eating carbs into glucose to be used as energy. Because carbs are so readily converted into glucose, foods high in carbohydrate have the largest impact on blood sugar levels but when you constantly consume too much sugar, the pancreas will secrete extra insulin; and over time, it can’t produce enough to keep blood glucose at normal levels.


we know what sleep matter for us if we don’t sleep 6-8 hours in a day then our body is not getting well. It’s no secret acceptable sleep is essential for overall health and well-being. Sleep can help lower stress, strengthen our immune system, and decrease blood pressure. Lack of sleep has been shown to increase the blood sugar level. And it became very dangerous for us in future.

Diet and exercise may be the most direct and obvious way to keep your blood sugar in control. If you want more help for regulating blood sugar level then use our ALNAVEDIC MEETHIBEEJ TABLET from MEETHIBEEJ help regulate blood sugar level. MEETHIBEEJ aids in digestion and helps in as and constipated stomach as well its help with indigestion too. It is a GALACTO meter which promotes secretion of milk in lactating.
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