How to Use Personal Protective Equipment Kit (PPE Kit)

Today’s world is fighting with invisible enemies. We can’t see them but we can fight with them if you protect you with some equipment. You already know we are facing a big problem like a pandemic coronavirus. The whole world is suffering from COVID-19 disease. At that time Our doctors, nurses, other medical staff, and policemen’s are on the battlefield and fight with that virus. So it’s our duty to protect our warriors against this coronavirus. Alna group of companies have launched a Personal protective equipment(PPE) kit which is very much beneficial for protecting our doctors, nurses and other medical staff. 

Personal Protective equipment’s have following items:-

1.overall suit

2. Over head cover

3. Face shield

4. Mask

5. Gloves

6. Boots

7.Wastage Bag

As per the guidelines from WHO(World Health Organization) and Mohfw (Ministery of Health and Family Welfare, India) we can use the following steps:-

  1. Overall Suit:- First you can wear an overall suit when you are going to contact the patients. Because it will protect the splashing of blood or body fluids on the skin of doctors and other medical staff.
  2. Overall headcover:- Now you can wear the headcover which includes hair nets or caps. It is essential for preventing shedding the wearer hair onto the patients.
  3. Boots:- rubber boots and water repellent boots should be worn when high chances of blood or body fluids splash on the medical staff from the patients.
  4. Mask:- The very next step is a worn fluid repellent mask. According to WHO, N95 masks should be worn by the doctors and other medical staff when they are going to contact the coronavirus patients. N95 masks protect the airborne particle with very much high efficiency.
  5. Face shield:- Generally most of us touched our eyes, mouth, nose, ears. So contamination chances are very much high with the patient. So we need to cover our eyes with goggles and mouth with a face shield. The flexible frames of goggles will cover your face.
  6. Gloves:- At last you can cover your hands with the gloves. Because an infected person touched any object/surface with hands and if some other person touched that object and then touched the eyes, mouth, and ears, the virus may be exposed to another person. So You should need cover hands with gloves.

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