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Alna Group of Companies started its journey in 2005. Under the guidance of Jagjit Singh our CEO. His vision and hardwork proved  to be a benchmark in making alna group one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies. With pan india distribtution. Alna group of companies has multiple divisions. such as alna biotech, ultra biolabs, rosswelt pharmaceuticals, ultra biolabs, prajva.

But, He knew that Ayurveda was the pinnacle of hospitality. Hence, he added Alnavedic to give the world the ancient medicaments of ayurveda through this ancient sciences. He created his manufacturing in the Himalayas with a team of focused doctors and also contributors from all across the globe. To make high quality medicaments of ayurveda.

Alna Biotech Pvt Limited has a product portfolio with over 500 life changing products in various segments. The focus is on providing the consumers with high value and good quality products. Which are capable of meeting their lifestyle needs and can also insure good health care in there body.

ALNA is a creation of dreams, aspirations, courage and also one vision. Growing with the society in ways that we could give back. It has evolved over the years with compassion running into its essence.

Embracing purity in its essence, from its roots to body. It’s a family of pure people, filled with passion and also empathy. With transparency running in its system, it values commitment which is set to come from a disciplined momentum of life gained from the freedom of mind. ALNA strongly believes in creating value for its people, society and also its esteemed customers.

Committed to making life safer, ALNA BIOTECH PVT LTD. is an ISO certified company. engaged in manufacturing of effective Pharmaceutical products, Backed by an extensive experience, coupled with sophisticated Pharma professionals and skilled team. and we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the Pharmaceutical industry in globally.

We are surging ahead in our journey of Total Quality Management. We are also developing our core competence and aligning objectives at all levels. So, as to realize synergy in operations. An initiative of improving the most important resources. The Human Resource, as well as the plant equipment has been initiated. This technique, Total Productive Maintenance has adopted to improve performance through the philosophy of prevention.

We strive to ensure:

  • Zero defects
  • Zero Tolerance


Alnavedic is a Division of Alna Group Of companies. It is one of the tops of India Pharmaceutical Brands. And also from the last 5 years is focusing on promoting and preserving the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda. Alnavedic focuses on making products. Due to authentic Indian Ayurveda medicament and wellness products. So, It gives the best result to your body and your skin.

Similarly, The Alna and Alnavedic connected to each other. Due to their connection they Discover the old arrangement of Ayurveda. Most importantly, needed to show the best skin lighting up item was made in India. what’s more? we Discover this conventional Ayurveda readiness with a great deal of work. and also profound information on Ayurveda

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