Alnavedic Velfree syrup therapy for constipation and hemorrhoids

Alnavedic Velfree Syrup 5 days Ayurvedic piles therapy, is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine. Which has been Ayush approved and is known for its excellent results for piles it contains a group of 10+ herbs combined together to provide relief and care for piles.


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Alnavedic Velfree Syrup  Ayurvedic therapy for anorectal diseases is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine. Which has been Ayush approved and is known for its excellent results for anorectal disease, it contains a group of natural herbs combined together to provide relief and care for constipation. The mixture of herbs works together to provide care and relief for constipation while giving consistent relief to the area of infection.

Benefits of herbs in the Velfree Syrup:

  1. Suran (Amorphophallus campanulatus): the herb contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants. It reduces tissue damage.
  2. Daruhaldi (Berberis aristate): it contains anti-microbial properties, anti-microbial properties is the agent that kills microorganisms and stops their growth.
  3. Nagkeshar (Mesua ferrea): helps in the Bleeding hemorrhoids and dysentery.
  4. Kachur(Curcuma zedoaria) : Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal properties, helps in the control of bacteria and fungal infections in the same.
  5. Kachnaar (Bauhinia variegata) : It helps in the healing of the protruded mass & is a mild laxative.
  6. Draksha (Vitis vinifera): Grapes help to correct constipation which is the prime cause of hemorrhoids. This is due to its Vata balancing and Sara (mobility) properties.
  7. Ghritkumari (Aloe Vera): Aloe vera can be used to reduce anal itching & burning symptoms. It has a cooling and soothing effect. With its astringent properties, Aloe vera can help ease the undesirable symptoms of constipation and bring relief within minutes of administration.
  8. Our products are a blend of organic & natural herbs that are distilled to get the complete benefits of ingredients into the products. We create products hand in hand with the ancient sciences of ayurvedic & modern technology that helps us create premium quality products with higher results.


  • Amorphophallus  / Suran 250mg
  • Berberis aristata /  Daruhaldi 150 mg
  • Cassia angustifolia  / Senna 250 mg
  • Myrobalan of ett / Triphala 150 mg
  • Ricinus communis / Arandi 350 mg
  • Sapindus trifoliatus / Areetha 250mg
  • Mesua ferrea / Nagkeshar 150 mg
  • Azadirachta indica / Nimboli 350 mg
  • Myrobalan of ppz / Trikatu 350 mg
  • Curcuma zedoaria / Kachur 150 mg
  • Bauhinia Variegata / Kachnar 170mg
  • Vitis Vinifern / Draksha 250mg
  • Aloe barbadensis / Ghritkumari 250mg

How to use

5ml – 10ml three times a day


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What Does Our Client Says

i am happy to use velfree ointment & capsule my piles infection is controlled now and my pain is reduced.

Shivam Chaudhary Web Designer at Men Swag

i was feeling low energy and was feeling drowsy the whole day, i couldnt perform in bed neither felt happy about myself then i started using alna shilajit capsule. and now i feel like a new man who has strength and energy in me.

Kamal Sharma Social Media Executive at Green Derma

i have low immunity and i used to get fever very often but then my wife suggested me alna kalpushpa kadha and it has completely changed my life and worked miracles in my life i feel healthy and cleansed. thank you kalpushpa kadha for making me feel this way.,

Hirdesh Singh Delivery Manager at Flipkart

I've been suffering from diabetes from a long time now it's been like 4-5 years now and all the medicines & all is costing me way too much I didn't even make that much. someone from the school suggested me this ALNAMEH RAS and really it is working wonders for me seriously I've never been so happy before.

nikhil kumar randwa accountant at ryan international school

I'm in general that type of person who's low on energy all the time this is because of my lifestyle maybe I live alone so. recently a friend of mine suggested me this ALNAFERON MALT . its like an energy booster for me somehow now i work all day with all the energy and enthusiasm

Himasu rai bassa Teacher

I'm a gym trainer and i can't really afford to get sick & all so i came across this product WITHGIN SOFTGEL CAPSULE online and its working really well and i'm even suggesting it to people I know

Sarthak wadhwha Gym trainer

I really had a hard time to overcome my cigarette addiction seriously. my parents were using alnavedic aurvedic products they suggested me this ALNAMEH RAS so i thought i should give it a try and worked not even kidding it worked

Aditya Tyagi Student

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