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Osik hand sanitizer is a gel type that is used to decrease the infections from hands. From work to eating all things are done with hands. So mostly your hands are touched by many bacteria, germs, viruses, and after that harmful bacteria or viruses are in contact with you and your dear ones. That’s why we need a Hand sanitizer.  Hand sanitizer is of various types.  Osik hand sanitizer is IPA (isopropanol) based and it is used to kill microorganisms. IPA based hand sanitizer is more effective disinfectant than others because it rapidly kills microorganisms like bacteria, fungus, and viruses, etc.

The effectiveness of hand sanitizer is dependent on how much quantity used, duration of exposure, and frequency of use. Generally, an hand sanitizer is rubbed through fingers and hand surfaces for at least 10 seconds. Soap with water is also beneficial for killing germs but more than 60% of people are not carrying soap all the time like in traveling, offices, restaurants, etc. Soap with water is not beneficial for killing harmful microorganisms. So for that, you need a sanitizer with IPA based which kills the harmful germs in a rapid manner. Osik Hand Sanitizer is available in different variants like 50ml to 5 litre.


1 l, 100 ml, 200 ml, 5 l, 50 ml, 500 ml


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