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Safe body Combo

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Safe body combo is a your daily safety kit. in the times of corona virus your sanitization and immunity are the only 2 guards that you have for your body. we have created a combination of products that will help you keep your family and you safe for more than a month. and also boost up your immunity and cleanse your body from ayurveda at the same time.

Safe body combo creates a Pump Sanitizer that works as a entry for your house. once you enter sanitize your hands with the aloe vera based sanitizer that protects and makes your skin softer at the same time.

alna mostquito spray is a herbal ayurvedic spray that has a fragrance of lavender combined with herbs provides you with a barrier for your body against mosquitos and protect your body from the harmful chemical based mosquito spray. it has a very vibrant fragrance that

a pocket sanitizer for you that you carry in your bag so that you can sanitize your self whenever you feel like

Kalpushpa is one of our best rated immunity booster from alnavedic it is a combination of the blends of extracts that have the power to boost your immunity and give you strenght while cleansing and cleaning your body all together. it is a multi benefitial product that provides you with the strength to fight viruses and bacteria consistently. it clears out all toxins and makes your body refreshed again from the inside



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